Regulation of T Lymphocyte Function in Tumors group

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Pierre van der Bruggen, Member

Daniele GODELAINE, Senior Investigator
Flavia CALMON-HAMATY, Postdoctoral Fellow
Nathalie DEMOTTE, Postdoctoral Fellow
Monica GORDON-ALONSO, Postdoctoral Fellow
Claude WILDMANN, Research Associate
Anne-Elisabeth PETIT, PhD Student
Eva JACOBS, Technician
Vinh HA THI, Technician
Nathalie KRACK, Secretary

P van der Bruggen

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The analysis of the T cell responses of melanoma patients vaccinated against tumor antigens has led to consider the possibility that the limiting factor for therapeutic success is not the intensity of the anti-vaccine response but the degree of anergy presented by intratumoral lymphocytes. We try to understand why tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes are unable to kill tumor cells, and to find strategies to overcome this blockage. We have discovered a new type of anergy of human tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes, apparently due to the presence of galectin-3, a lectin abundant in tumors, as it is corrected by galectin ligands. We are further analyzing the mechanisms by which galectin ligands reverse the impaired function and we look for agents that correct this function. We intend to set up clinical trials combining anti-tumoral therapeutic vaccination and injection of galectin ligands.

Selected publications

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