Cytokines in immunity and inflammation group

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Jean-Christophe RENAULD, Member
Jacques VAN SNICK, Member
Laure DUMOUTIER, Assistant Member

Magali de HEUSCH, Postdoctoral Fellow
Laurent KNOOPS, Postdoctoral Fellow
Muriel LEMAIRE, Postdoctoral Fellow
Reece MARILLIER, Postdoctoral Fellow
Perrine COCHEZ, PhD Student
Amandine SAUMET, PhD Student
Lorraine SPRINGUEL, PhD Student
Astrid VAN BELLE , PhD Student
Isabelle BAR, Technician
Pamela CHEOU, Technician
Emilie HENDRICKX, Technician
Monique STEVENS, Technician


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The cytokine group studies the biology of Interleukin-9 (IL-9) and IL-22, two cytokines discovered at the Branch. IL-9 is a TH2 cytokine that plays a role in immune responses against intestinal parasites and asthma. IL-22, originally identified as a gene induced by IL-9 in T lymphocytes, upregulates the production of acute phase reagents in the liver. Its activity in inflammatory responses is modulated by a specific antagonist, the IL-22 binding protein (IL-22BP). The role of IL-9 and IL-22 in inflammation is currently being investigated using transgenic and gene-targeted mice for these cytokines and their receptors.

Selected publications

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